Friday, July 30, 2010

Business secrets for restaurant owners

You have your restaurant open for several months now, customers are finally coming in and you have staff serving really delicious food. But before you go on with with your business further, make sure that you have everything else under control. Mention restaurant job openings available with you through various modes before hiring staff .It's still vital to be well-versed about what is hot, what is outdated and what's essential for managing a restaurant business.

It's not about your restaurant’s look and feel that matters, but how you make your patrons happy and content for their complete stay at your dining place. Ensure that your restaurant's ambiance is welcoming all the way through to any customers that you receive. When you have a happy outlook with your business, it reflects that same nature to your clientele as well. Don't forget to notify your staff to always give a warm and friendly smile to whoever comes to your restaurant. It's always significant that patrons feel your appreciation because they visited.

Even when a customer makes a reservation over the phone, your front desk member of staff should always smile in answering the phone because clients can tell the mockery of the answering party's voice on the phone. It's not only the optimistic attitude that matters in a restaurant business; you need swiftness, courtesy and attentiveness for sure.

Swiftness should always be pragmatic especially when clients make sudden requests. Special requests in food or drinks are always made by patrons, so the minute instructions are given, attention should be set right there for the patrons.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Efficiently dealing with your restaurant workforce

Restaurant staff is possibly one of the most critical elements of determining one's success in this constantly changing and aggressive industry. Securing a complete staff that's not only familiar and qualified in the business but that's also reliable and honest at the same time is often easier said than done, though not an unfeasible feat. Numerous freshers are indulged in widespread restaurant job search but it’s extensively said that one of the major challenges in the restaurant business is dealing with the lack of skilled workers.

If your neither administrative nor interpersonal skills are precisely up to par, it is in your best interest to develop both of these, or be able to afford to hire someone who can help see to it that workers are performing as they should.

If your restaurant have a bar or pub area, taking some spare time to systematically interview potential bartenders will be well worth the time and efforts spent. This type of restaurant staff has the potential to build or shatter your business if you'll be relying greatly upon alcohol sales and food orders from customers at the bar.

In addition to knowing how to pour drinks and make the hottest stylish or tasty concoction, a good bartender will also outshine at customer service and has an instinctive ability to make each and every customer feel welcome and relieved. Maintaining a fair pay scale is another characteristic of successfully dealing with restaurant employees.

You may also want to provide sufficient training both initial and ongoing so that your restaurant employees will always be familiar as to what's expected of them and self-assured in their current positions.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Use restaurant forms to manage your restaurant effectively

In almost every restaurant, you can witness the same problem that workers face whenever they carry out their regular tasks daily. Smooth management needs first-rate organization and time management abilities from the restaurant manager. A successful method to keep your efforts in order is to use restaurant forms. Each process in restaurant operations uses a restaurant form to record information and to direct each worker’s actions in the process.

Some most promising scenarios in restaurant management jobs:

• Each day, the team does inventory management to control the number of supplies, dates for delivery and inventory costs. Ordering too many of an ingredient will end up in spoiling it soon, particularly when it is hardly ever used in dishes. On the other hand, purchasing too few will also put the restaurant menu in danger, particularly when some of the dishes are a hit with clientele.

• The kitchen staff members prepare the ingredients, keeping in mind the preparation time allowed for a definite ingredient.

• Support staffs members, such as caretakers, dishwashers, and electricians, make sure the lights and kitchen appliances are working properly. They also ensure that the place is always clean before the restaurant opens and when it closes.

In each and every scenario, we see the requirement for restaurant checklists and inventory schedules for employees to record and monitor information. This also helps accountants to control and arrange the money spent for each month in different operations.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Small changes that affect your restaurant business

There are numerous economical ways that you can make your restaurant better than it is and enhance your business. Most of these methods don't take a lot of time or money to implement. However, they do make a noteworthy difference to your clientele. If you ensure that they will have an amazing experience, they are certainly going to come back again. They are also going to recommend your restaurant to their friends and relatives.

Everyone likes to feel relaxed when he/she comes to a restaurant. Make certain that the seats and booths you have are very comfortable to sit in.

Hygiene is very significant issue for your restaurant business. Make sure you take the time to clearly give details to the staff how you want this to be done.

Customers will be expecting a friendly workforce that can simply meet their requirements. Your staff is there to symbolize your restaurant so make sure that employees are at ease while interacting with customers and therefore people doing jobs in restaurants must have good communication skills. Make certain that your employees know the reasons why they really need to welcome the visitors to the restaurant.

Employees that go out of the way to foresee the needs and requirements of the patrons are even more precious. For instance, they can ask if the person needs a high chair or a booster chair for the children they bring in. You will also have ample of competition, so to get customers to prefer your location you need to take care of some of these small details. They won't take up too much time or cost you much to work. However, they can considerably improve your profits in the restaurant business.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Successful management of your restaurant staff

Being a good restaurant manager is probably just like being a good parent. You are accountable for the variety of people working under you. Always remember that restaurant management jobs could be highly stressful also. Being a good leader to your workforce is noticeably comparable to the leadership traits needed in a good parent. Here are some really good tips to help you successfully manage your workforce:

Just like steadiness is important when raising a kid; trustworthy and reliable standards are essential for staff members to follow. This is beneficial for your clientele, who expect the same quality dining experience for every visit as well as for the workforce themselves given that they know what is expected of them. This theory applies to the foodstuff you serve, the hygiene of the place, the level of customer service, and even the attitude of the employees. Having a trustworthy level of high class food and service is the most excellent way to gain the repeated business from consumers.

In addition to consistency you should "definitely strengthen good behavior." Encouraging and openly praising your employees when they perform in an commendable manner is good for the confidence of your employees and just like praising a child's nice behavior leads to more of the same, complimenting your employees encourages them to work harder and more confidently.

Instructing your workforce that "we serve people, not food" should be the primary motto is the crucial step in training successful restaurant staff. Your employees should attend to the customers with a smile and the same reverence they use for you, no matter how complicated or fussy the person may be.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Save money using Restaurant Forms

The turmoil of a restaurant's kitchen staff is absolutely normal, principally when orders are increasing and hungry patrons are waiting to be served. However, what appears as disorder and confusion is actually a controlled system of processes that move in cycles each day.

Time management in a restaurant location is basically a matter of better scheduling and arrangements. Each area of operations has a set of rules and the employees follow precise steps to prevent spoilage as well as to keep the quality of food and service consistent every day. The best method to keep the business organized is through the use of restaurant forms, such as kitchen prep sheets, purchase order forms as well as cash drop sheets.

Employees usually commit to memory the codes for each order and step, and then note them on restaurant forms for other staff members to check and track through. For instance, waiters and waitresses always carry a notebook with them to use in taking orders from clients.

You can save a huge amount of time and work effortlessly when you already know what you needed to do. An excellent restaurant schedule includes the times and dates for cleaning up, for inspection of machines, for bookkeeping work, for restaurant job listings, for purchase and delivery of new supplies, and for proper bonding between the workforce and the management. Another way to keep your restaurant business controlled and structured is by using a restaurant schedule, which every employee follows. For example, allot 2 or 3 workers each week in rotation to do inventory every day.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Do you mind hiring a manager?

If you are a small restaurant, a fresh start-up, you might not need a manager. But if your restaurant is adequately busy or you own more than one, hiring a manager is a good idea. The manager's utmost responsibility is to ensure that patrons have an enjoyable dining experience. Your manager is the vital contributor to your restaurant business and can make or break your business, so hire cautiously.

Depending on the size of your business, first of all, you should hire only one and further, if there is requirement of one more, you could have your manager hire and train one more assistant manager. It’s advisable to appoint someone with several years of experience in restaurant industry such as in waiter waitress jobs or kitchen helper and he/she should be able to take action and help accomplish any task in the dining room.

To avoid any legal problems pertaining employment, it is necessary to pay your managers overtime if he works more than forty hours a week, even if he is in a salaried position. Always be in accordance with your state and federal labor laws, your accountant and your legal representative to make sure you are in compliance and fulfilling all the basic requirements.

Responsibilities – Manager should be able to open and close the restaurant, purchase food and beverages supplies, control the cash register, handle inventory, hiring and training of the staff. He should also be an expert in creating work schedules and monitoring the employees’ performance, developing promotion strategies, resolving customers' complaints and ensuring that health and safety regulations are being followed.